100% Natural Product 100% Natural Product
Organic Ingredients Organic Ingredients
No animal testing No animal testing
No nasty chemicals No nasty chemicals
No SLS, silicones parabens No SLS, silicones parabens
Essential Oils Benefits Essential Oils Benefits
Different Clays Different Clays
LONG BEAUTY Natural dog shampoo bar for LONG HAIRED BREEDS
It moisturizes the coat and soothes the skin, protects the skin from UV radiation
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Detoxifying Shampoo bar with charcoal powder. Suitable for all coat types, deep cleaning properties See More Detoxifying Detoxifying
BABY BARK Shampoo bar for puppies. For the gentle care of your baby bark See More BABY BARK BABY BARK
HERBAL SCENT Shampoo bar rich in herbs. For all skin and coat types See More HERBAL SCENT HERBAL SCENT
UNICOAT Unicoat is a natural handmade dog shampoo bar with organic ingredients. It is suitable for all type of coats and breeds. See More UNICOAT UNICOAT
WIRED Shampoo bar with organic ingredient specially designed for the short haired dog breeds. See More WIRED WIRED
FLUFFY BEAST Shampoo bar for dog breeds that need more coat volume. The perfect choice for your Pomeranian! See More FLUFFY BEAST FLUFFY BEAST
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